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Specialize in providing solutions architects to allow integrate reliable, high-performance Salesforce with other applications on other platforms such as AWS, Heroku, Azure, GCP.


Reliability l Intelligent l Agile

Help you to build ready-to-install apps, solutions, and consultants that let you extend Salesforce into every industry and department, including sales, marketing, customer service, and more.


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We are leaders in nearshore and offshore software development, through the seamless integration of technology, business, and design.

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Product Development
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System Integration
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Lightning Development
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Drive the Digital Transformation with Cloud

Recently, as the destructive innovation of diverse industries are being accelerated, quickly responding to the customer
and understanding those customers’ needs are becoming a core competitiveness.
Get ready for the Digital transformation with the Customer Success Platform based on the cloud.


Connect to Your Customer
in a Whole New Way

It has become important to maximize the customer experience at all points of contact with changes in the customer’s buying pattern.
You need to place your customers at the center of every business in order to connect closely with your customers.
Become a customer-focused company with World # 1 Salesforce Customer Success Platform.



Realize Your Potential

Since the organization culture affects the products, customers, and partners, it is one of the most important success factors within business.
Create an organizational culture with custom Salesforce applications.
Custom Salesforce applications will enhance productivities and creativities of your business through managing performance, training, and hiring employees that can optimize the potential of your employees.



Be Linked to Collaborate

Communicating over Creative ideas business model in the era of Digital transformation.
Increase your business value by change the methodology with Slack, Skype, Salesforce Quip.



Maximize Cloud Value

With Talend, Mulesoft Platform, connect and integrate your cloud environment and existing systems to increase your business efficiency by implementing unified business processes.



Deliver Differentiated Value

furuCRM will consider our customers’ customer as well. Increase your business value with differentiated consulting service of furuCRM based on various experiences with customers and its case studies.



Get on a Train for Customer Journey

The success of the customers is the success of furuCRM.
Experience the customer focused customer services and training for continuous change management.


Our Customers' Success is Our Success.