Salesforce Training Courses

Course: Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I

◆ You will be able to pass your Platform Developer 1 exam.

◆ Understand the Salesforce data model and query languages.

◆ Learn about Apex triggers and best practices for writing triggers

◆ You will learn about DML statements, Database Methods, Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL), Salesforce object Query Language (SOQL).

◆ You will learn about Triggers, Test classes, Debugging

◆ They will become masters of APEX programming

◆ Jump start your career in Salesforce Development.

◆ This course covers everything you need to know to become Salesforce Developer

◆ Use standard controllers with basic Visualforce pages

◆ Utilize Visualforce, Aura Component with custom-built Apex controllers

◆ Write test coverage

◆ Configure your Salesforce development environment

◆ Learn about Governor Limits in Salesforce

◆ Learn about Save order of Execution in Salesforce

◆ Learn about Apex Design patterns

Course: Salesforce Development Training for Beginners

◆ You will have a mastery of programming in Apex no matter what level of experience you are at right now.

◆ Our goal is not just to show you how to program, but to help you understand what you are doing, and why you are doing it as well!

◆ Not only do the videos show you how to become a Apex programmer in great detail, but this course also contains lot of assignments to practice.

◆ We'll be constantly adding new material to the course as well as updating it on a regular basis to make sure you access to the best and most update to date and

Course: Salesforce Lightning Flow Builder - The Complete Guide

◆ Using Process Builder with flows

◆ How to use Data Loader with a flow to perform mass updates

◆ How to trigger Flow from a Button

◆ How to Embed a Flow in a Lightning Component

◆ Sending emails from Flows

◆ Scheduling flows to run on a nightly basis

◆ Using loops, decisions, assignments, get, create, and update elements

◆ Using the flow debug tool

◆ Working with screen flows

◆ Frequent updates so the material is up-to-date with the latest release!

◆ Leveraging formulas to control output

Course: Salesforce Development With Real-Time Project

◆ Learn to build a real-time application using Salesforce out-of-the-box features, apex and visualforce.

◆ Learn to integrate Salesforce with third party service.

◆ Learn Apex programming with hands on project.

◆ Learn about Custom Settings and different types of custom settings in Salesforce.

◆ Learn about Remote Site Settings and its use.

◆ Learn about REST WebServices and we will use REST webservices to communicate with our third party service.

Course: Salesforce Development & Administration for Beginners

◆ You will learn all aspects of salesforce, like development, administration , Apex coding and reporting etc

◆ Delve into the fundamentals of Salesforce Administration and Development.

◆ Comprehensive coverage of all responsibilities a Salesforce working employee would be expected to fulfill

◆ Comprehensive curriculum to give you an in-depth understanding of Subject Matter

Course: Salesforce Apex Trigger and Trigger Design Pattern

◆ Salesforce development

◆ Apex Trigger

◆ Different types of trigger

◆ Trigger context variable

◆ Best practice of Trigger

◆ An Architectute framework to handle trigger in salesforce

◆ One Trigger design pattern

◆ Trigger coding example

◆ Interview questions related with trigger

Course: Mastering Salesforce DX and Visual Studio Code

◆ Salesforce Before DX

◆ Pillars of Salesforce DX

◆ Salesforce CLI Architecture

◆ Deploy/Retrieve Metadata & Convert into Source Format

◆ Development in Source Format Metadata

◆ Data Manipulation & Export/Import relational records using DX

◆ Source Control Management (SCM) with SFDX

◆ Power of VsCode with Salesforce DX

◆ Demystifying Scratch Org

◆ Chaining of DX command

◆ Modular Application Development in SFDX

◆ App Decomposition & Unlocked packages

◆ Create custome SFDX Plugin

Course: Salesforce Development for Intermediate Developers

◆ Students will learn about Apex Programming

◆ Students will learn about Developer Console. Salesforce Workbench

◆ Students will learn to develop using Visual Studio Code IDE

◆ They will learn about popular google extensions to improve productivity as a Salesforce Developer

◆ They will learn to integrate Salesforce with External System.

◆ They will learn about Salesforce Testing Framework

Course: Salesforce Release/Deployment Management - A Complete Guide

◆ Discuss the key processes of change management

◆ GIT & GitHub

◆ Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment

◆ Jenkins for Salesforce Deployment

◆ GitHub Actions for Salesforce Deployment

◆ BitBucket for Salesforce Deployment

◆ Azure DevOps for Salesforce Deployment

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